The Honest CoEditor’s note: Due to a few technical difficulties, the store will be running by end of May for individual purchases.

I always love finding more choices for safe, non-toxic baby products for my family, which is exactly why I was so excited to discover The Honest Company a few months ago. It’s an amazing collaboration between green guru Chris Gavigan and eco-mama Jessica Alba. It’s also why I was thrilled that they partnered with us for our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

But while we adore their baby product monthly subscription bundles, we did wonder when they might start offering products individually.

And hey! Now that would be today!

Starting today, you can finally purchase all the wonderful products from The Honest Company individually, which is so handy for those of us who have a hard time guesstimating how much laundry detergent or diapers we’re going to use each month. It’s also a fantastic way to try something new without committing to big bottles on your doorstep every month or two.

We happen to be huge fans of the petroleum-free Honest Healing Balm which uses organic essential oils to take care of diaper rash and other skin problems. (It’s great on our own dry lips in a pinch, by the way.) There’s also bubble bath, sunscreen, those cute (very cute) diapers, and even a whole series of plant-based cleaning products like laundry detergent and dish soap, which are biodegradable, keep the icky chemicals out of your home too.

As for the prices? Well, it’s hard to believe that something so natural–and cute–is finally so affordable. Thanks, Honest, on behalf of moms everywhere.  -Kristen

You can purchase the baby products from The Honest Company, our current sponsor, on their website. You can even win a $200 gift card to try them yourself on our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!