This Is Your Book baby book I have to admit that when it comes to baby books, I don’t have a great track record; I have three kids and one half of one completed baby book. It’s bad. I wish that I had this option back when my kids were babes because then I would be more likely to be 3 for 3 in the baby book department.

Why am I so sure? Because This Is Your Book is tantalizing and aesthetically pleasing and absolutely original. This is  place to write down
things that aren’t typically included in baby books, like the
price of a six-pack of beer, and the dollar to Euro exchange rate. In other words, a glimpse back at exactly what
life was like, so that when your child grows up, she can reflect upon the changes in the world.

Creator Ryan Maconochie is a super talented graphic artist and dad, who’s won numerous marketing and design awards with
work has been featured in various Chicago galleries and the MOMA store. And now, your child’s nursery. All because he wanted to create a special kind of baby book for his own daughter.

see this book as something your kid will really treasure as she gets
older. She will really get a good sense of exactly what life was like
for you when she entered this world….right down to the price of a gallon of
gas. You know, back when it was only $5 a gallon. Gulp. –Eva

This Is Your Book is available at your local independent bookstore and at our affiliate, Amazon.