SeedBallz seed capsules
If there are three things I was sure would never happen in my life, it would be: 1) writing the word “SeedBallz”; 2) knowing what to do with something called SeedBallz; 3) having kids who would fall in love with something called SeedBallz.

The lesson? Never say never. All three not only happened–they happened simultaneously. And it was a blast.

SeedBallz are a mix of clay, compost, and seeds, all rolled into little marbles, and they happen to be hand-rolled by developmentally disabled workers,
who find fun and therapy in the task. The ball shape makes SeedBallz
easy to plant (perfect for little fingers), and the mixture of clay and
compost provides nutrients to the seeds inside, while also protecting
them from the elements–also nosy birds.
4-year-old and 22-month-old have had the best time planting lettuce and
spinach, and they’ve gone out to the garden every day since to water the
soil and watch for sprouts. And once those veggies grow, I hope they’ll
have just as much fun eating them. -Lexi

Get your garden growing with flower, veggie, and herb SeedBallz 

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