Snug CamisolesI’ve always traveled with a camisole just in case…to me, it’s one of those staples that you never know when you’ll need. Like under a white tee that’s a little sheerer than you realized. Or to tuck into your jeans under a top when uh…said jeans are exposing more than the maximum allowable mama butt. (Yes, that’s a thing.)

Now there’s a camisole that’s so comfy, I’m kind of looking for excuses to wear it.

I don’t tend to be too hooked by lines like “celebrities love them!” but as it turns out, Snug Camisoles are
terrific, so, yeah. I can see why celebrities love them. The fabric is
incredibly soft and stretchy–much more comfy than the poly blends the
cheap ones offer.

I gave the long camisole
a test run, and I found it cute under a tee, and over a skirt. It
would also be great for you low-rise jean wearers (watch the butt…).
It comes in 60 colors (whoa) though personally, I tend to get the most use out of black, white or beige. Still the lilac and periwinkle are beautiful. I also like having camis like this around so I can go from day to
night–covering up a little more boobage under a v-neck dress at the
office, then whipping it off so the girls can breathe a little freer by

(Have I revealed too much?)

Particularly interesting is that the long camisole is meant to fit sizes 0-22.

I’m on the lower side of that spectrum these days, and it
only bunched up at my belly a wee bit under a dress after running around for a bit. But it’s got the
kind of stretch that it seems it would still be fine even if you’re
wearing larger sizes. In fact, it would be great for a pregnant mama who needs room to

There’s other shapewear and underthings from Snug as well that look appealing, including capri leggings which, if they’re as comfortable as the cami, will get a lot of wear from me this season. Really, I’m just glad to find a new resource for great underthings that’s better made than the cheap stuff, and not as expensive as the Madison Avenue stuff.  –Liz

Find Snug Camisoles online at their website and get free shipping on all orders over $50. And don’t miss the sale section!