Julbo Bubble kids' sunglassesMy kids have tons of cheap sunglasses — they’re fun and perfect for when they’re playing spies, but I know they’re not ideal when we’re in the sun. In fact, they always seem to “borrow” my expensive sunglasses when we’re outside. Hm, I think they might be on to something.

What’s the point of wearing flimsy sunglasses if you’re still going to squint when you’re in the sun? Exactly.
The Bubble sunglasses for kids by Julbo are certainly not cheap at $40, but if you’re concerned about eye safety, they’re definitely worth the price. The glasses are covered in rubber (you pick the color) which makes them soft and grippy to the touch, but miraculously non-sticky so they don’t pull hair as the kids take them on and off (and on off)–as preschoolers tend to do.

They have a snug but comfortable fit for kids 3-5, so they won’t slide off during vigorous playground sessions. And best of all? They come in great colors and look very cool on — which maybe isn’t as important as the quality lenses that protect growing eyes, but certainly doesn’t hurt.

I can also attest to the fact that Julbo sunglasses are durable–the ones we tried out have been sat on twice and still look great. –Roxanna
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