We imagine that anyone who’s ever read Design Mom has instantly fallen in love with Gabrielle Blair, her adorable brood, and her positive approach to beautifying life. So we’re thrilled to be able to announce Gabby’s exciting new video project that we think you’ll like. And so will your kids.

Olive Us

Olive Us
is an exquisitely produced short video series that reminds me of the
little films in Sesame Street. In the first episode, we catch the absurdly cute Blair kids (dressed in Polarn O Pyret and Hunter Boots,
observant readers might notice) taking care of the garden behind their
house in the French countryside, talking about what they’re doing and why.

It’s utterly charming, educational on a preschool/early grade level, and aims to inspire your
family to get up and “move or make or do,” not unlike the Design Mom blog. Maybe
even to make your family videos; although arguably my kids are a
whole lot dirtier at the end of a day of planting tomatoes at Grandma’s house.

The videos seem to work best when they’re on the shorter side, but
with a new one each week, there will be a lot to choose from. And while its easy to look at them and think, “uh, my life is not like this at all,” your kids will just be excited to watch other kids playing and talking about the things they do. After viewing the
first one (which she replayed three times in a row), my oldest daughter asked to plant more tomatoes. My five-year old said, “wow,
France looks like a really pretty place! Can we go there someday?”

Gabby? Expect a lot of hopeful house guests soon. –Liz

Watch weekly episodes of Olive Us online at OliveUs.TV


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