Photo frame wall decals
Once your little one starts growing up and you realize just how temporary each stage is, the hammer and nail type of wall decor can seem a too permanent. So naturally we love the wonderfully easy changeable trend of wall decals. 

Moms Carin and Maria of Wall Stories
have created some delightful designs to brighten our walls like
blossoms, birds, trees, and dinosaurs. But if you are anything like this sentimental mama,
you might want a more personal touch in the art that surrounds your
little one. (I still have my ultrasound printout framed in her
room). That’s why I particularly love the new collection of vintage frame decals from Wall Stories.

It’s so easy to create your own personal wall photo
collage, with wallet size photos of your child’s favorite family and friends. Or if you want to invest a little more, pair these
changeable fabric frames with the Wall Stories trees or branches
to design your own family tree on the wall just for the kids. And it’s a great project around Father’s Day–get out photos of everyone on Daddy’s side of the family and talk to the kids about why they have those ears or that proclivity for bad knock knock jokes.

If you don’t want to feel restricted to the
small frame, you can also go free-form with these fun dots decals to stick up photos and artwork of any size. I love how they’ll empower your kids to feel more creative and
connected to the decor that surrounds them. -Stephanie M

Shop the vintage frame collection and all the Wall Stories selections at

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