iNTAKT boys clothes
My son’s drawers are full of two kinds of shirts: casual tees and dressier polos, and absolutely nothing in between. That’s why I’m digging new-to-us apparel that’s perfect for doing double wardrobe duty. 

The cool iNTAKT polo shirts are made from soft cotton and are rare slim fit, something that works well for my skinny son. Unlike so many of the other polos we own, these shirts are on the thinner side, and because they feature playful graphics, like the Home Run King (featured), I don’t have to beg him to wear something “fancy” (as he calls it). They’re perfect for playtime but they still look great dressed up with a pair of khakis. 
It’s really like getting two shirts in one, which means one less shirt for me to wash. And argue about. -Kristen

You can purchase the iNTAKT polo shirts on their website. Make sure to switch the pricing to USD before your jaw drops! 


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