Stamped leather luggage tagIt’s Memorial Day, which means the start of summer travel season, hooray! If upgrading your entire set of luggage isn’t in the budget at this particular moment, you can at least swankify it all with a super cool new luggage tag. Here are just a few I’ve found that might get us even more excited, that moment we see our bags make it out onto that airport conveyer belt.

If you’d rather not put your name on the outside of your bag, how about a simple This Bag Is Mine stamped onto leather, and sold at Owen & Fred. Should clear up any confusion.

Pantone luggage tags

You don’t have to be a gent to love the Pantone luggage tags
at Gent Supply Co. Though you do have to like red or blue because
that’s what’s available right now. (We’re still holding out for a nice

Iceland travel agency luggage tag

This line of retro luggage tags at Flight 001 include “travel agencies” from Tanzania, Colombia, India and Iceland, shown here.

Upcycled map luggage tags

I love that this Canadian Etsy artist upcycles vintage maps and road atlases into custom map luggage tags featuring your region of choice. Will you pick home? Or away?

Moleskine luggage tags

If you’re big on simplicity, the Moleskine luggage tags (I know! So cool!) fit the bill perfectly. And those bright colors will really stand out against a dreary sea of worn black suitcases.

Mexican wrestler luggage tag

When your kid has outrgrown the elephant or rubber duck, we think this lucha libre luggage tag will do the trick, don’t you? Also, not likely to be found on too many other backpacks or pint-size wheelie bags in the vicinity. Unless perhaps you’re shipping your kid off to Mexican wrestling camp. –Liz