Dan Zanes is happiness squared. His music puts me in a great mood each and every time I give it a spin–even without the kids, when I’m alone in the minivan. So I’m excited to see his new project that didn’t come out of a sound studio, but a ceramics studio.

[after the jump, learn more about a special Dan Zanes event for families this week!]

The new new Dan Zanes pairing with one of my fave shops, Fishs Eddy, the quintessential funky New York restaurant-quality tableware shop, makes so much sense.

look at the quirky tubas, cellos, guitars and bongo drums on this
dishware set designed by Dan and rad musician/artist Donald Saaf just
makes me smile. It’s as if the instruments are planning on jumping into
that oatmeal, because they know a good thing when they smell it.

is a mug with a handle perfect for little hands, a nice sized bowl, and
a plate; and the price makes it a perfect gift for a new baby. The
dishes are very solid and dense. They aren’t unbreakable, but they hold
up to my kids’ morning routine just fine. Or maybe even mine. -Eva

The new Dan Zanes designed mug, bowl and plate are available at Fishs Eddy.
And psst…they have an awesome Charley Harper collection too.

Super Cool!!! For families in the NY area, Dan Zanes will be singing at Fishs Eddy on June 2nd at 11 AM for an instore performance that will have you jamming. Guaranteed.

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