Target Pride Tee by Harajuku Mini
This month being National Pride Month, and we all being proud supporters of kids in all kinds of loving families–well, we’re thrilled to see Target’s new Pride Collection of tees that helps support a really amazing cause: kids.

100% of the purchase price (that’s more than 100% of the profits) of any of the Target Pride Tees will go to support Family Equality,
a wonderful organization that does some wonderful things for the 2
million kids in the US being raised by two mommies or two daddies. As
for the shirts, they come in mens and womens sizes, and include an
adorable design by Gwen Stephani’s Harajuku Mini for Target.

target pride tees
Grab the gray one shown here because unfortunately, the navy one is already sold out online. Sheesh, it’s
only day one of Pride Month! There’d better be more coming in.

I also like
the Harmony tees for men and women which, while not the most inspired design in the history of t-shirts, is still a smart way to show your support. Besides, it’s kind of hard to argue with a message of creating more harmony for more loving parents of the world. -Liz

Find the Target Pride collection online and some styles in stores, with 100% of the sales in June, up to $120,000 going to

Also check out the Marc Jacobs tee to support the Human Rights Campaign, recently featured here.


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