My kids’ rooms sometimes remind me of Las Vegas, and not because of there’s always the possibility I might win a multimillion dollar jackpot when I go in them. No, despite my best intentions, they each house a lot of beeping, whirring, brightly-colored plastic toys that go off at will (usually in the middle of the night, which is too creepy for words).

That’s why it’s always such a welcome–and quiet!–relief to find toys that do nothing of the sort.

Tree Hopper Toys is a small company in Illinois that produces some of the most adorable handcrafted toys around, using nothing but sustainable Midwestern wood. These Hopper Jalopies are amazing–a modern take on a classic toy. The jalopies (made with supersmooth wood) are easy for little ones to hold and wheel along the ground–preciously simple, and, according to my toddler, still completely fun.

I especially love the Jalopy gift set–all six cars for $80. That’s six chances to play with nothing but
beautifully handcrafted wood and a lot of imagination–talk about a pretty awesome deal. And an awesome one-year birthday gift.

Take Tree Hopper Toys‘ wooden Hopper Jalopies for a spin (and be sure to check out the gift set, too)


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