Organic cotton / bamboo baby bibI’ve considered feeding my one-year-old naked. (As in, naked one-year old, not me.) Though there is art in the way he manages to splatter his outfit with every color and texture of the foods on his plate, I’d rather not change his cute outfits six times a day. So I think I’m going to be suiting him up in this adorable, unique new bib I’ve found.

The Wee Drool bibs actually
look like really cool t-shirts at first glance. And that’s not a bad
thing, considering that it sometimes takes more than a scrap of terrycloth fabric
to protect my munchkin’s outfit from disrepair.

The bibs are
made from an insanely soft and very absorbent blend of organic cotton
and bamboo fleece–always a good thing considering how many times I use
the bib to clean up my son’s face after a meal. You can choose from
dude-friendly styles like Wee Rock and Wee Ride (pictured) as well as girlie designs such as Wee Bloom and Wee Love.

They’re also designed to grow with your little ones–there’s snaps that allow room for
three month olds up until two years. The only downside about Wee Drool
bibs is that they’re so cute, I’d actually like to use a bib to cover
up while my little guy eats.  –Melissa

Wee Drool baby bibs are $28 each at