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Here’s a little hipster tip for you that I picked up from those who know way better than I. Ironic trucker hats: out. Structured hats: in. Which is probably why the gorgeous adult and kids caps from Fairends are getting attention from the likes of Jack Spade designers and GQ editors these days.

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When I first met Martin Carvajal he was the creative director for
New York’s bespoke emporium, Freeman’s Sporting Goods–the place where
you might find an entire rolling rack of suits custom made for David
Beckham on its way out the door. Now Martin is creating gorgeous hats
at his own label, Fairends, which are great for those adults–and kids–who are serious about cool headwear.

The line of Fairends adult caps on site change with the season (and the fabric shipments). Right now
you’ll find ball caps and camp hats that a fella could get away with in
environments where an Orioles hat just doesn’t cut it. No offense,

However a lot of the hats are created in special collaborations with companies like Jack Spade, Hickorees, and JJJJounds. I really love the Hickorees ball caps (seen above) with the vintage look and twill fabric, and the hats at Boylston Trading Co with fabulous 50’s-era baseball cap styling.

fairends childrens caps
fairends childrens caps

There’s also a line of fantastic kids and baby hats
in similar styles and patterns–so great for summer, with the wide
brims and sturdy fabrics that helps keep the hats put even on windy
days. My girls own a few, including the engineer-inspired Red Hickory Camp Cap and one with big red and white polka dots. (Is there any girl who doesn’t love red
polka dots?)

The youth sizes are probably best suited to the 5 and up set–it’s a bit
big on my small soon-to-be-kindergartener. But that doesn’t stop her
from refusing to take it off at the dinner table. We’re working on that part. –Liz

Find Fairends Hats on their website, and even more styles in boutiques in the US, Canada and beyond.

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