Fresh fruit is so glorious this time of year that sometimes whirling up a smoothie from a great recipe is the most I need to do with my farmer’s market score. All you need at the very least is ice and a killer combination of seasonal fruit. Or, get more fancy if you’re up for it with one of these tasty summer smoothie blends. Any of these 8 delicious recipes are worthy of a permanent spot on the counter for your blender. Believe me–you’re going to need it.
Cucumber Honeydew Melon Smoothie Recipe from Dash of East

Adding melon to a smoothie–like in this Green Melon Summer Smoothie from Dash of East–is a great way to switch up the usual berry-banana-peach routine.And psst…there’s also an amazing Honeydew and Matcha Tea Smoothie recipe in Peko Peko, the charity cookbook for Japan that I helped to create, which is filled with family-friendly Japanese recipes.

Summer smoothie recipes: Peach Smoothie from Veggie Wedgie
Peaches are on the way and I’ll celebrate their return to Brooklyn with Veggie Wedgie’s Peach Smoothie recipe made with a frozen banana, vanilla and hazelnut milk. I bet almond milk would work, too, and it’s easier to find.


Summer smoothie recipes: Peach Ginger Vanilla Milkshake

If you want something more decadent, try this White Peach and Ginger Milkshake from Salt & Spatula. Blended with vanilla ice cream, it makes for a healthier dessert that still tastes indulgent.

Summer smoothie recipes: Strawberry mint lychee from One Hungry Mama
Lychees and strawberries are quite possibly the most refreshing combination ever. Well, right after lychees, strawberries and mint, which makes this Strawberry Lychee Mint Smoothie that I developed, summer perfection.
Summer smoothie recipes: Blueberry Citrus Shake from Family Fresh Cooking
A healthy summer snack that comes together in one minute? Yes, please! I love this One-Minute Blueberry Citrus Shake recipe by Marla of Family Fresh Cooking.

Summer smoothie recipes: Mixed Berry, Oat and Almond
If you want to super boost your smoothie with some protein, use oats and nuts like in this Mixed Berry, Oat and Almond Smoothie from Apron and Sneakers.
Summer smoothie recipes: Cherry Almond Vanilla
A Cherry Almond Vanilla Smoothie sounds pretty delicious, too, which Gina at Running to the Kitchen claims tastes just like Cherry Garcia. Do I need to say any more?