Best Pals Mini Rag Dolls
When I brought home a Best Pals rag doll for my youngest daughter, I had no idea it would end up becoming one of her very favorite of many (many) dolls an stuffed animals. I mean, clearly I loved the simplicity of the design and the wonderful backstory behind its creation, but I was thrilled to know it doesn’t take batteries or “real chewing action!” to make a kid happy these days.

Now the Best Pals have new mini versions, and they’re just adorable.

If your daughter is going off to camp or kindergarten for the first time
and needs a little friend in her backpack to keep her company, I think
the Best Pals Mini Dolls
are just the thing. They’re 5″ tall copies of the original two dolls
designed by Lawrence Welk-era child singing stars, Kathy and Janet
Lennon, with the same vintage style clothing and detailing. Plus they
come in a sweet little cardboard valise, making it a great little gift
all for under $25.

And if you’ve already got a Janet or Kathy doll (Or “Rose” as my
daughter calls hers) around the house, even better. Meet their new
little sisters. –Liz

Find the Best Pals dolls and new Best Pals Mini Dolls online at the website or in your local indie toy shop.

And for something really fun, check out the 1957 video of Janet Lennon singing Mairzey Doats on Lawrence Welk. It’s one of my girls’ favorites.


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