Bib n' BurpI still remember the first time I put a bib on my first child and attempted to feed her mashed avocado. The bib was tiny, and the burp cloths were across the room, and I panicked. We both ended up in the bathtub afterward.

On the plus side, the avocado was great for my hair.

If you have similar problems with tiny eaters making big messes, here’s the bib for you.

The Mommapia Bib n’ Burp is pretty much the love child of a full-sized bib and two burp cloths, with three layers to keep the veggie explosions contained. A layer of absorbent cotton/bamboo is sandwiched between soft French terry cloth and an adorable cotton print, so whether you’re bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or playing airplane with purees, you have a chance at actually keeping your little darling relatively tidy. And there’s a velcro neck for easy on/off, too.
I love the chic prints– elephants! chevrons! And I love that they can be tossed in the washing machine. I’m not so hot on the front and center label (tip: unless you’re Gucci…don’t do that) but that’ll be covered in spit-up, anyway.

I also dig their cute matching Diaper Wrap n’ Pack, since the other place prone to explosion is our diaper bags. Of course they can’t do much for the other kind of baby explosion. Since I know you were thinking it.~Delilah

Find the Bib n’ Burp on the Mommapia web site. They also have Diaper Wrap n’ Packs for keeping your disposables wrangled and smaller Basic Bibs.