Clean your green applesSummer means more fresh produce, more smoothies, more road trips, and more buying and eating on-the-go. It’s the perfect time to stop by a road stand or a Farmer’s Market, but then there’s the whole “Who touched this apple last?” thing. And more importantly, the “What did YOU touch last?” thing.

I think the food-grade, biodegradable food wipes from Eat Cleaner are pretty nifty. Designed by mama and food writer Mareya Ibrahim, just tuck a few of these little “Grab-n-Go Produce Wipes
in your bag or in your car for so you can clean off those apples without wiping them on your jeans, and even de-stickify little hands. Or grab a canister for more wipes and less waste.

There are no harsh
chemicals, nothing to rinse off –though they do leave a very mild, not
unpleasant lemony aftertaste. 

Eat Cleaner Food Wipes

One more nice thing: Mareya donates a portion of proceeds to Healthy Child Healthy World. -Barbara

Find the biodegradable Grab-n-Go produce wipes, vegetable cleaners and more, online from Eat Cleaner