I haven’t thrown that many birthday parties for my kids and it’s like I’m already out of goody bag gift ideas. It might be easier if you have a theme in mind–DIY capes for a a superhero party (we’ve recommended 6 different themes!), a toy boat for a sailboat themed party–but how about when you just want the kids to have something that they’ll enjoy. And uh, that their parents won’t think of as, “oh good. More junk around the house.”

Well now there’s just the thing–crafty, eco-friendly, totally fun, and they’re affordable too.CMP favorite Kiwi Co now offers kids birthday party craft kits giving you a selection of individual, ready-to-go craft boxes with rotating themes like DIY fairy wings, DIY superhero capes like mentioned above, and color-changing slime making kits.

Color-changing diy slime making kits in birthday party packs from Kiwi Co

I can’t think of a kid who wouldn’t be excited to go home with something they made themselves, instead of some plastic trinkets from the dollar store.

Bonus: the recycled cardboard box is part of the fun too, becoming a treasure box, or even a dollhouse backdrop for some homemade paper dolls.

Find KiwiCo’s kids party packs of craft packs at their shop. They make awesome goody bag gifts or anytime gifts.