kiwi crate
I haven’t thrown that many birthday parties for my kids and it’s like I’m already out of goody bag gift ideas. It might be easier if you have a theme in mind–wands and a spell book for a Harry Potter Party, a toy boat for a sailboat themed party–but how about when you just want the kids to have something that they’ll enjoy. And uh, that their parents won’t think of as, “oh good. More junk around the house.”

Well now there’s just the thing–crafty, eco-friendly, totally fun, and they’re affordable too.

CMP favorite Kiwi Crate has recently launched kids party packs
to add to their already popular monthly subscription craft boxes. These
ready-made mini craft kits inspire fun and creativity–I can’t think of
a kid who won’t be excited to go home with her own make-your-own
superhero cape project, or an awesome paper doll kit. What’s extra great
is that the recycled cardboard box is part of the fun too, becoming a
treasure box, or even a dollhouse backdrop for those paper dolls.

But I’m sure your kids will tell you what it becomes. They generally do.

gave the make-your-own wings kit a try and my girls haven’t stopped
playing with them. The comet was a hit too–don’t worry, it’s an old
school comet, as in a ball tied inside a bright swath of satin you
decorate. No flames, no “you’ll lose an eye!”

kiwi crate

kiwi crate

kiwi crate

kiwi crate

The party packs are good for kids about 3 to 7, and amazingly, range
from just $5 to $12. Of course you can always order the full size craft kits for kids which includes several of these mini projects together to create a space or (non licensed, very creative) princess theme.

in all, I think these are just a fantastic idea, for a goody bag, party
activity, or just a great gift. And far less than you’ll spend on a bag
full of plastic junk. I know–we’ve done that too. –Liz

Find the kids party packs which make awesome goody bag gifts or anytime gifts, online from Kiwi Crate. And use
code 15kfan through 6/20 to save $5 at the celebration shop or on a new monthly subscription

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