Booster seats by Luv Chicken

If there is a stage called “Booster Seat Battles,” none of the parenting books have mentioned it–but that’s exactly what my family is currently dealing with. The 2-year-old has refused to sit in a booster, preferring instead to reach up over his head with his spoon and try to dribble his cereal down to his mouth. And the 5-year-old suddenly must have a booster seat to sit in–or at least be offered one–or we’re in for all kinds of dinnertime drama.

So let’s just say Luv Chicken is helping us out tremendously right now.

Besides being awesome to say (Luv Chicken!), the company
produces some of the most clever children’s booster seats ever. Mom Ann Hurley came up
with the idea for booster cusions when her daughter suddenly refused to sit in a booster
chair (sounds familiar) and would only eat if the toddler were nestled on top
of a bunch of cushions at the dinner table. Hurley improved on the idea
by adding a kid-safe coating to the cushions–which also makes the
four-inch-tall cushion super-easy to clean–plus a non-slip bottom. There are easy-carry handles too, which mean kids will love toting their own to the park or the grandparents’ house.

Ann also happened to make the boosters in the cutest patterns ever: retro cars, flowers, rocket ships, animals, forest. Fabulous.

Children's booster cushions by Luv Chicken    
               Luv Chicken booster cushion patterns
Kids' booster cushions by Luv Chicken    

On top of it all, the boosters make great floor cushions–like, for when the kids are painting
their masterpieces in the middle of the kitchen floor. Which seems to
be a whole other kind of dinnertime issue these days. -Lexi

Give your kids a boost at the table with Luv Chicken‘s awesome booster cushions.