Framed elephant art print from Gingiber
One of my favorite pieces to the puzzle of decorating a child’s space is art. It not only brings in personality and color, but great art can also can be used to stimulate your child’s imagination. 

That is why I love these illustrations that perfectly balance artfulness and playfulness.

Gingiber animal prints tell a story without being aggressive in their message–or their color-schemes. With all sorts of cute animals to choose from, several together on a wall would make a fantastic statement.


Bear animal art print from Gingiber


Fox art print from Gingiber

Gingiber also carries adorable cushions, wall decals, paper goods and chalkboards.  If you decorate in themes, try pairing the fox illustration with the fox cushion. Though I’m thinking my son needs that too-cute-for-words big brown bear.-  Kirsten

Shop all of the lovely animal prints for children’s rooms online at Gingiber on Etsy.

[h/t coos & ahhs]

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