Now that our neighborhood pool is open, my kids and I practically live there, Which that means I’m willing to spend more on good quality towels and swimsuits–a lesson I learned after going through far too many per kid last summer. So when I discovered these gorgeous pool robes from down under, I knew I had struck summertime gold.

You have to trust an Australian company to know their beach towels, which is exactly why the locally made Terry Rich Australia kids’ beach robes are so darn awesome. Between the stylish design and the soft, hearty fabric, which actually dries you from both sides (seriously!), I’ve never seen anything like them.

The robes are easy to take on and off thanks to the zipper closure, and long enough to actually keep your kids warm.

These robes are a definite splurge, so if you visit the pool once a summer, or your feet won’t see the sand until the last day of August, then these might not be for you. But if you’re like us and spend every weekend (or every day) poolside, you won’t be disappointed. Especially when they last in good enough condition long enough to become hand-me-downs for siblings– something we’ve never been able to do with any of our pool gear.

You can purchase a Terry Rich Australia kids’ beach robe at

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