Drool Monkey organic baby blanket
Finding the perfect lovey can be a daunting task. Before your baby is born, you buy a bunch of different types and hope that one of them becomes “the one.” The issue may be solved with this cool new toy/blanket combo.

Drool Monkey Organics knows that babies and children like the dual function of their soft, luxurious, organic teething lovey–kids
can hold onto the toy and soothe themselves with the cotton blanket at
the same time. But what sets this brand apart is that the design is so
clean and simple. The stitching gives it the perfect texture, and the
monkey, also a rattle, rocks in its simplicity. It’s even nicer than the photos on the website would lead you to believe. Plus it holds up
perfectly in the wash.

My five year old, who dropped his lovey many moons back, has now
declared the monkey his “favorite thing, ever.” The dude sleeps with it
every night. I see the appeal. -Eva
The Drool Monkey teether/lovie is available online at Drool Monkey Organics.
There are two styles. The girl version has a bow, but I am partial to
the sans bow version. Monkeys don’t wear pink bows in my world.

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