The best ice cream in New York: Ample Hills Creamery
Being named the #1 anything in New York is a major badge of honor. Not to brag, but this city is chock full of the best of pretty much everything our country has to offer. Knowing that, when I found out there was a new #1 Zagat rated ice cream shop but 4 blocks from my office, the little kid in me did the happy dance right on over.

If you’re in the NY area or heading here this summer, it’s a must-visit.

Ample Hills Creamy
in Brooklyn, NY is not your typical ice cream shop. Founded by Brian
Smith, a former sci-fi writer turned Willy Wonka of the local ice cream
scene, this one of a kind place is dripping with character. Serving up ice cream flavors
like Ooey Gooey Butter Cake, Cotton Candy, Peppermint Pattie, Stout ‘n’
Pretzels (Guiness and chocolate) and the very best one, Salted Crack Carmel (OMG!), every
choice is the right one.

I seriously think this place is going to
counteract all my hard work for this bathing suit season.

If you’re local, birthday parties at Ample Hills Creamery
are welcome. They even have a special bike you can ride at your party
that churns a fresh batch of deliciousness for your guests. And if you
feel super motivated by your whole mind bending experience to the shop,
just sign up for a ice cream making class and they’ll give you the scoop on how to mix the magic stuff yourself.

July is here. So is ice cream season. Can you dig it? – Stephanie M

Find Ample Hills Creamery in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn and be sure to say hello to Brian and his family.

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