Before the hamburgers are done, before the sparklers come out, and before it’s dark enough for fireworks, you can take a few minutes to put the United States back together with this easy printable from my favorite new DIY craft site.

Mr. Printables USA puzzle

At Mr. Printables (cute name, right?) the Map of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle sneaks a bit of geography learning into your holiday with this totally customizable printable. Just print out the colorful map, mount onto a piece of cardboard and then cut out your pieces with a craft knife. Or do a shortcut version and just paste it all onto card stock and cut.

I love that you can decide to group states together to make an easier puzzle–especially if you just hate to lose Rhode Island again. Or, cut them all out separately, mix up all the pieces, and challenge the grown ups and kids to see who can get the country put together quicker.

I also like the little printable flags on the site that you can affix to toothpicks and then insert into the states where Grandma lives, or in the state where dad was born. There are even blank flags so you can fill in your own important places like “state where Mommy and Daddy had that huge fight because Daddy was lost and wouldn’t stop for directions.” Or something like that.
Take some time to poke around Mr. Printables. There is much to love here, from super-cute printable flashcards to sweet printable certificates you can give to the kids for a job well done. 
French Alphabet Poster
I also think this printable French alphabet poster is cute enough to have blown up and framed. Magnifique! –Christina

Check out Mr. Printables for the Map of the USA Jigsaw Puzzle free printable, as well as many other free printables and craft ideas