Portable grill from West ElmThis week we found ourselves unexpectedly in need of a grill at a summer rental. We didn’t want to invest a fortune–we apartment dwellers can’t quite throw a few steaks on the grill in the middle of our living rooms. So I just love the idea of this compact grill on sale, that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet.

The attractive little BBQ Grill at West Elm is now on sale for–get this–$19.99. Nice price cut considering it was originally $49.

The pretty blue powder-coated steel grill is just under one-foot in diameter, so it’s not going to work for your annual block
party, but it looks like it could be perfect for a few shishkebob skewers or a couple of
burgers. And it’s nice to know we can store it pretty compactly, then toss it in the trunk if we’re headed somewhere grill-friendly for a day or a weekend.

Boy I want a hot dog right now. –Liz

Find the portable BBQ Grill on sale right now at West Elm