FlyeBaby Hammock
Does the thought of flying with your baby on a long journey completely stress you out? When your little one is small and doesn’t have his own child’s airplane seat, you cross your fingers that you get a seat up in front with more leg room that could be easily used for your baby. But, those seats are hard to get and you need a backup plan.

This amazing device: the backup plan of your dreams.

[editors update 2013: it is listed as “compliant with FAA regulations,” but still not FAA approved at this time as far as we can tell, which gives us pause. There are also reports of airlines rejecting its use.]

FlyeBaby Hammock is so cool I totally wish I thought of it myself.

Here’s the deal. You hook up the hammock to your seat tray and your baby is effectively lying in your arms but safely strapped in, with extra support and a snug feel. It sounds strange and it looks unusual, but it totally works. Essentially it’s a pop-up soft bassinet that is easy to assemble and a great use of the limited space on the plane. In fact, as the passenger in front of you reclines, your baby will slowly move closer into your lap.
You may be wondering: is this safe? The manufacturers state that the FlyeBaby Hammock can only be used during the cruising part of the flight-obviously takeoff, landing and turbulence are off limits. Also, it’s best to check with each individual airline about specific rules and regulations before you travel.

Then again, considering the FlyBaby Hammock will disturb the passenger around you a lot less than a crying baby for 6 hours, I’d think a lot of airlines will be rallying to support them.  -Eva

The FlyeBaby Hammock is available online at FlyeBaby.

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