Staniac two-in-one lip and cheek stain by theBalmOne of my favorite times of the month is when my Birch Box subscription arrives on my doorstep. As much as I love beauty products, I’m hard-pressed to find the sans-kids time to casually peruse the aisles of Sephora to find a new lip color or facial cream. 

I’ve been more than pleased with all the new products I’ve been introduced to thanks to Birch Box, but this month I found something so fabulous, I had to purchase it in a full size bottle. 

Stainiac by theBalm is a fabulous two-in-one lip and cheek stain that I’ve used every day since it first arrived at my house. Now I’m a huge fan of stains in general because I rarely wear foundation on a daily basis and often just want a little color on my cheeks that will stay without reapplication. But unfortunately, many of them are sticky or challenging to apply, leaving you looking like you let your kids put your make-up on. 
That was not the case with Stainiac, however, because with the simple lip applicator, it was easy to rub and blend a bit right on your cheeks to achieve the perfect amount of color, which by the way is more subtle than you might think looking at the container. And no allergic reactions from this sensitive skinned mama either.  
The cool part is that it works pretty well on your lips as well, though if you want a bigger pop of lip color, you’ll definitely need more than the stain for that, or add a bit of gloss on top. But if you’re someone who struggles to get any make-up on in the morning at all, with this you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Or bottle. -Kristen
You can purchase Stainiac at I love the Beauty Queen color myself!