Oogaa baby silicone dish and spoon mealtime setGetting babies to transition to solid foods can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. But while this new set can’t make the taste of rice cereal more appealing, it can make mealtime more enjoyable for both of you. 

The Oogaa baby mealtime set
is so clever. Instead of plastic or wood, it’s made of a super soft silicone that is BPA and toxin-free, and
delightfully bendy. Your little teether can even gnaw on the
spoon for relief. Then, as your toddler gets older and transitions to more foods, the design is still smart
with spoons shaped like an airplane and a train. (That never gets old.)

I also love that the plate/bowl is unbreakable, so
when it drops on the floor (which it inevitably will), you’re better off
than even melamine.  -Eva