Fix a drawstring with Re-String ItLost drawstrings are up there at the top of all the annoying scale for me as far as clothing mishaps go. In fact, I just spent the last month frustrated that a small silk drawstring belt came out of a silk dress; I couldn’t figure out how to get it back through without jamming a safety pin in to thread it through, and probably poking holes in the silk.

So when I got wind of this brand new doodad that helps you take care of those very lost drawstrings I was like, sign me up to try it out!

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I am a little wary of those “as seen on TV” type items. I was never one
for ShamWows or Ginsu Knives or even…sorry Snuggie fans. But the Re-String It: awesome.

It is just what it sounds like – a hoodie drawstring restringer
thing. (Sounds Seussian, right?) It’s essentially a 32″ long, thin,
coated metal cord, like a high end bike chain. It’s got a little clip on
one end which grasps the end of your drawstring. It stays put so you can just
pull the whole thing through–problem solved in about four seconds.

The video demo is pretty low tech but probably explains it better than I just did.

I tried it out on my daughter’s shorts which lost one end of the little
elastic toddler belt on the inside, and while I had to fold the elastic in half to get it into the clip, it worked great. I also restrung a pair of sweats, and then the big test…the silk
dress. Don’t you just love moving items out of the “repair this” pile and back into your closet?

I wish the Re-String It weren’t quite as expensive–it’s $14.99 right now. But it’s
one of those things that once you have it, you’ll be super glad you do. –Liz

Buy the drawstring restringer direct from the Re-String It website. And for a limited time, Cool Mom Picks readers get free shipping with discount code THANKS. Expires 8.31.12