If you’re like me, then you’ve got a couple of boxes in the attic with a few of each of your kids’ baby clothes. Every now and then I wonder what exactly I’m going to do with them when I pull them out in ten years and they’re all dusty and mildewy. I’ve always liked the idea of keepsake baby quilts made from baby clothes, but so few actually look as gorgeous as these.

Each Keepsake Quilt is handmade by mom Lucinda Snyder, who works with you to create a beautiful 30 x 30 blanket made from 12 to 15 items. Inspired to return to her love of crafting after the loss of her infant son, Lucinda uses her amazing talent to honor him as well as heal her own heart. And after seeing her work, we can’t help but be inspired as well.

Once you decide on your pieces, she’ll pick about five coordinating fabrics and collaborate with you on which parts of the clothes you want featured. Then you just sit back and wait for your lovely finished product to arrive, which you can them display as a wall hanging, or even let your kids use, if you dare.

You can order a handmade keepsake quilt from Lucinda’s shop lucends on Etsy. Each quilt takes 6-8 weeks to complete. 

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