MIKO Design I Love Paris doll kit
While you’re still allowed to love your American Girl, we’re all in favor of international love and acceptance amongst our treasured dolls. And now there’s a new doll in town, ready to put visions of Paris, croissants and classic French style into the heads of your little doll lovers. That is, after you sew her up.

The I love Paris doll kit from MIKO Design on Etsy comes with two pieces of silkscreen cotton and instructions to make an adorable soft doll and a wee Eiffel Tower. While my talents in sewing are limited solely to “button replacement,” this kit does look pretty doable for those of you who aren’t afraid of your sewing machine.

I love that in addition to the tres jolie skirt, you can sew up some
snazzy accessories like a pouch in which to hold little souvenirs and a
camera with which to capture the sights.

DIY Parisian rag doll pattern

diy paris rag doll pattern

There is even a wee bottle of parfum ready to be sewn up. It’s Chanel No.5, bien sûr. –Christina

Happy Bastille Day to our French friends–or just those of us who really want an excuse to eat chocolate crepes today. Enjoy all of our French picks today.

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