French Flash CardsWhether you are planning a trip to Paris or just want to sneak a little bilingual education into your day, I’m totally smitten by these adorable flashcards from our recent favorite freebie find, Mr. Printables

With the same cute, colorful illustrations that we recently saw on their French Alphabet Poster, this set of French Alphabet flash cards can be in your hands today: Just print on card stock and cut out the set. 

I love that each card includes the feminine and masculine articles “le/la” or “un/une” since this can be such a tricky thing for us English speakers. I only wish it included a pronunciation cheat sheet since I’m pretty sure I’d say “grenouille” wrong when we get to G, and then who knows what my kids will be saying instead of “frog.” I apologize in advance if it’s not nice. –Christina

Print out your own free copy of the French Alphabet flash cards from Mr. Printables.