Toddler beware!
Here are some of our top tech picks from the last week, just in case you missed them.
1. Finally– an easy way to let your toddler enjoy your iPhone without breaking it… or calling China. 

2. Whether your kid loves science or just thinks they hate it, these three amazing free apps for iPad will have them mesmerized. Yes, free.

3. Toss your fancy camera’s instruction manual. This phenomenal photography book will have you taking photos like a pro and our readers are going nuts for it.

4. This fantastic website is like Wikipedia for kids, but even more fun and exciting. Besides, it helps you answer all those hard questions that you only pretend to know the answers to.

5. If you’ve into cameras, you’ll love this handy service that’s like Netflix for photography equipment. We hope the little red envelopes are bigger though.

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