braided fabric headbandAn insane number of crafters on Etsy are making all manners of barrettes, hair bands and baby bows, some with adornments larger nearly as large the actual baby. (I never got that, I have to say.) Searching for something tasteful can be an exercise–a long exercise–in futility. Allow me to narrow the field down a bit.

Heather Funk is the designer behind Natty Bratty,
a shop we discovered a while back. It’s been pretty cool seeing the
evolution of her designs over the years, and now she’s introduced what
might be my favorite: a line of soft braided fabric headbands for girls that are perfect for the season. These boho-chic headbands are very cute, made with nice fabrics that
work well together without being “matchy.” Plus they’re comfy, and most
importantly, they actually stay on–and my daughter has some pretty thin
hair. We tried one out (thanks Heather!) and I can totally vouch for
the quality.

braided fabric headbandI’m
not sure about the baby sizes, but the girls’ sizes are intended for
girls 5-10 and that seems about right. But of course if something
doesn’t work or you’re looking for specific colors, just convo the
artist. She’s terrific that way.

I also have my eye on the ruffled blossom clips which look pretty sweet. Just make sure you click over to the photos of the clips in use, so you can make sure the size is what you’re expecting; especially if you’re as specific about those things as I am.

These hair accessories the kind of thing you’d grab if you saw them at the
counter of a childrens’ boutique and they’d cost 50% more with the
markup. Only here, you can grab them off Etsy and support a small San
Diego artist directly. –Liz

Find girls headbands and more online at Etsy’s Natty Bratty. And check out the ruffled blossom clips which are also pretty great.

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