Chevron baby bib with sleeves from baby GraybeeThere were moments in my children’s earlier years that all I wanted to do was cover them in a full body raincoat.  It seemed like meal times turned into “let’s get as covered with food as we possibly can” times. 

Thankfully, a brilliant mother out there has created a great solution with a full-sleeved, laminated baby bib from Baby Graybee. These bibs for babies 6-18 months
keep even the most spirited eaters clean at meal time.

front of the bib is made of BPA-free laminated cotton, providing waterproof
for spills. The sleeves are a comfy soft jersey cotton. My niece wore the Baby Graybee bib
during a recent barbeque dinner so I can attest to both its comfort and ability to keep your kiddo clean.  Or at least her outfit.

                                 Owl pattern sleeved baby bib from Baby Graybee
will find a variety of cute patterns and colors for little boys and
girls. Perfect registry addition.  –Kirsten

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