Whale bath mat
Having just returned from a week at SeaWorld–during which we were splashed by sea critters no fewer than five times–I can attest to the fact that, to kids, whales rule. 

This whale may not be doing twists and turns in the air, but it might do something that’s just a little bit cooler: it makes bathtime enticing. There are few parents that will say that’s not a good thing.

While so many non-slip bath mats look like something Great Grandma Ruth might use, this Whale Rubber Bath Mat from Urban Outfitters takes
it six steps cuter. The rubber mat has traction bumps on the top (to
keep kids from slip-and-sliding in the tub) and suction cups on the
bottom (to keep it firmly in place). 
Plus, did
I mention there’s whale on it? And while the splashes aren’t included,
I’m pretty sure the kids will be happy to generate a few, gratis. -Lexi

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