LEGO onster Fighters!I’ve got four words for you: 

Steampunk. Lego. Monster. Fighters.

I haven’t even gotten to the part about the castle.

Thank heavens I was alone when I found the new Lego Monster Fighters display at Target this week. Why? Because I blurted out HOLY [deleted]. Seriously they’re that cool.

The story is that the evil Lord Vampyre needs six moonstones in order to eclipse the sun and bring about eternal darkness. Led by Sir Rodney Rathbone, the Monster Fighters must steal back the moonstones from the various monsters. Each set includes Monster Fighters, monsters, vehicles, and all sorts of sweet details and fiddly bits. And a moonstone, of course. And there are six moonstones with this amazing castle, so for the love of all that’s holy, FLUSH ONE if you buy it. We’ve got to keep the world safe from monster invasion!
The Vampyre Castle!
Each set is just so cute. A thost train! A mad scientist’s laboratory! A swamp boat! A car with zombie-smashing hammers attached! A mummy chariot! The monsters are adorable, and the Monster Fighters have beautiful steampunk details, like monocles, pith helmets, and top hats–right up my alley, if you know me.
My only complaint? I can’t believe that out of ten sets, only one of the Monster Fighters is a girl. Still, Ann Lee has a helicopter and looks like she can kick some major mummy butt. But I think we need more like her. ~Delilah

Find the Lego Monster Fighters at the Lego site, but don’t get them at my Target, because they’re mine.
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