map blanketMy 5-year-old showed almost zero percent interest in maps until we went on vacation to a beach town. Suddenly, it was very important that she be the holder of the map at all times.

It was ultimately a good thing, even if said map ended up covered in melted chocolate ice cream and ripped in random places.

Her newfound awareness about the world around her made me appreciate the genius behind Soft Cities even more.

Soft Cities are exactly what they sound like: maps of your favorite places printed onto soft blankets and napkins
(“mapkins”!). You simply write in the address you want mapped out while
ordering; that’s where the designers will put a big “I Am Here,”while the rest of your neighborhood–or about a 2-mile radius–is drawn
out from there. You can even add more markers to the map, like where
Grandma’s house or school are located.

map blanket from soft cities

Soft Cities uses open source data
and artistry to create rainbow-colored rivers on the pink blanket, or dark Tron-like maps on the blue one–very cool. Plus, everything is made with the softest fleece or cotton and entirely toxic-free dyes.

Soft City map blanket

Here’s to the mapmakers. -Lexi

Map out your favorite location and put it on a map blanket or set of “mapkins” with Soft Cities.
Also check out yesterday’s post on a whole different take on maps on quilts. We’re sensing a trend!