We love our Ouchies, but we’re more than aware that boo-boos aren’t always the result of an innocently skinned knee. Whether or not bullying is an issue for your kids, we’re proud to support this terrific initiative aimed at stopping bullies and raising the funds to help kids get the counseling they need.

Ouchies has partnered with D.A.R.E., the substance abuse prevention education program, to create a bright, colorful line of bandages with hopeful phrases on them. 100% of the profits from the Anti-Bullyz bandages will go directly to D.A.R.E to continue their anti-bullying outreach program.

Ouchies Anti-Bullyz
Thousands of kids fear going to school due to bullying, and I personally remember what it’s like to feel your stomach turn inside out as you step on the bus. I love the concept of using the human body to spread clear messages about self-worth and each kid’s responsibility to respect others, and to reach out to kids who might be suffering.

For $5, you get 20 bandages, and a kid out there gets a little support and inspiration. That’s money well spent.~Delilah

Find the Anti-Bullyz bandages at the Ouchies site. We hear wait to hear more about this new Ouchies line designed to help others!

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