Bakker made with love Bensimon sneakers
My love for Bensimon sneakers is no secret; I wear my own purple pair almost every day. And the kids’ styles are simply adorable. So when their new style collaboration with Bakker Made With Love, well my only wish, after I recovered from the cuteness overload, was that they came in my size. 

The new Bakker Made With Love Bensimon sneakers are the perfect little back to school shoe that transitions well from summer playdates to school playgrounds. The reinforced rubber toe is a must for active little ones, and the cotton canvas fabric is hearty and breathable. And since they’re only available in Europe, you can probably bet that no one else is going to have them, unless you happen to live there, of course. 
Bakker made with love Bensimon Tennis shoes
There’s just something about the style and patterns that evoke a bit of nostalgia for my own childhood sans the polyester shirts and really bad hair cut. Thank goodness. -Kristen 

You can purchase the Bakker Made With Love Bensimon shoes at French Blossom, currently on sale for 30% off. Prices in Euro. 

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