One Jackson indie kids' clothing
When I go shopping for three kids’ clothes for Back to School—or “fall” as we homeschoolers call it—I am always on the lookout for cool, unique styles that my kids won’t see on all of their peers but that won’t also blow my entire budget on an outfit. 


So along with shopping some of our favorite sites for kids’ clothes, I am so excited a site that launched yesterday which lets me (and you!) vote for the designs we most want to see our kids wearing.

One Jackson operates a lot like CMP favorite Threadless where designs are submitted for consideration, and then readers vote on their favorites. The winners become actual product that is sold on site. And I love that One Jackson doesn’t ask the designers to submit ideas just for the
“exposure” but also gives them actual cash for their work, if their
concepts become clothing.

If you’re a designer yourself, check out One Jackson’s latest Design Brief, which provides guidelines and specs to ensure the designs fit a certain aesthetic at the right time of year — a good way to avoid snowsuit concepts being submitted for a summer line.

If you’re a shopper, then go and play Project Runway and pick which ones should be “in” and which are “out.” Though unlike Project Runway, no negative feedback is allowed. Just love.

Tricycle tee challenge at One Jackson

Come on, aren’t you dying to see designs like Amanda VanHall’s tricycle tee (above) or Jodie Milmore’s Bear tee get some virtual shelf space as part of the current Red Tricycle Challenge?

All the clothing is priced pretty reasonably for such small-batch, limited-edition pieces. And you can look forward to about 8-10 collections a year.
One Jackson having just launched, I’m mostly having fun voting for my favorite pieces in their most current design challenge, though there are also already some nice-looking, comfortable pieces for sale on their site as well. Sizes range from kids 2-6 with only boys or unisex styles so far; girls’ styles will appear at Holiday 2012.
I only wish their sizes will also someday encompass tween girl sizes since there’s such a huge HUGE need for it. I’m pretty sure no mama in their right mind would vote for some of the styles I am encountering in the malls these days. -Christina
Sign up to One Jackson to vote for your favorite indie kids’ clothing designs and to shop their current line of clothing for the fall. 

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