Reading the recent Cool Mom Picks post about awesome family-friendly bicycles had me dreamily clicking through images of families on bikes and imagining myself pedaling my kids through our neighborhood.

Only, with the most awesome bike helmet ever made.

Yakkay Helmet

And that’s exactly when I first saw it: the bike helmet of my dreams.

Now, I have always been a helmet-wearer. Hair-, image- and
outfit-be-damned. But I know there are people out there who have more fashionable priorities. And I get it.  (Kind of.) Helmets are ugly. They’re bulky. And they don’t match cute outfits.

Until now.

These amazing helmets from Yakkay are unlike any helmet I’ve
ever seen. They’re created in Denmark which is how you know they’re cool. That’s
also where they ship from, it seems, unless you’re lucky enough to have a
retailer near you. You just pick the helmet color and size (there’s adult and child) choose from all kinds of
covers, resulting in a helmet that looks remarkably like a stylish hat. Really, it does. I’m partial to the Paris Herringbone, but the Tokyo Rose is pretty awesome, too.

yakkay bike helmets

yakkay bike helmets

yakkay bike helmets

Yes, it’s a hefty price for a bike helmet when you could get a
perfectly decent traditional helmet for much less. But as far as I’m concerned, if it’s
the difference between someone wearing a helmet and someone not wearing
one, it’s not such a high price to pay, after all. –Stephanie S.

Yakkay bike helmets are available from their web shop in Europe, and they ship anywhere. In the US you can find them online at swanky bike shop Adeline Adeline.

If you want to try one on, hey’re also available in North America in select retailers.

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