If your kids are like mine, then getting something in the mail with their name on it completely makes their day. However when it’s filled with arts, crafts, and everything you need to make them, well, I’m pretty sure it would make their year.

BabbaBox arts and crafts gift box for kids

We’ve been long time fans of BabbaBox, now our newest sponsor (yay!), so we already know that their amazing activity boxes for kids 3-6 make the perfect gift. Here, just a few ways to think of it that you might not have considered.

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1. Send it to the grandparents so the kids always have something to do

If your kids visit the grandparents (or aunts or uncles or cousins) on a regular basis, I love the idea of getting them a BabbaBox subscription so your kids always have something fun and new to do.

2. For the kid who has everything 

– one thing they don’t have

Crafts are always a great gift for kids who have a ton of toys–or even kids who don’t. You can never have too many projects for rainy days. Plus we love giving gifts to kids that their parents will love too.

3. Stash it in the closet for visiting friends and family of varying ages

If your house has a revolving door for cousins, playmates and friends of different ages, a bunch of BabbaBoxes are a fantastic emergency trick to have on hand. When suddenly it’s your turn for a visit, it’s great to know you can say “oh wait! Here’s something you can all do…”

Arts and crafts projects for kids from BabbaBox

4. It makes the coolest group gift

Sometimes it’s tough to buy a present for each kid in a large family, like a shared sibling birthday, the holidays, even families with twins and multiples. A BabbaBox gift subscription can be a great, budget-friendly compromise. Just make sure to put all their names on the box!

Also, it’s a smart way to give a gift from multiple kids when you want to spend a little more on a birthday present.

5. A rainy day boredom cure

When you have an arts and crafts box arriving at your doorstep every month, you can tuck it away in preparation for when your kids hit the wall of boredom.

Winter is coming up: hint.

6. An educational tool for homeschoolers

As busy as homeschooling families can be, it’s a special treat to have an automatic art lesson and crafting session built into your curriculum every month, no planning or material gathering required.

7. A treat for those of us parents who aren’t crafty

I do my best to keep a stock of craft materials in the house, but I’m never the mom who will make a dollhouse out of paper towel rolls and popsicle sticks. Besides, inevitably the baby gets into the glitter or my daughter uses all the paints in one Jackson Pollack-esque session and then we’re out.

So for those of us who have kids who love crafts but their parents kind of missing the Martha Stewart gene, BabbaBox makes us look awesome and gives our kids a much-needed creative outlet.

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Congratulations to Michele T. and Sarah S.!  The each won a BabbaBox for their family to enjoy.