A few years ago we fell in love with the MomAgenda School Year Journals, so much so that I raved about them everywhere, from my own kids’ classes to the TODAY show (where I also confessed my inability to maintain even a baby book). So I thought it was so clever to discover that this year they’ve come up with a new version, just for you parents of athletes and athletes-to-be.

MomAgenda sports years journal


The Sports Years Memory Journal
has 14 folders for storing those rosters, certificates and other
mementos, from a pre-k soccer club, through Varsity anything. On each
one, there’s space for you can record stats, highlights, teammate names
and other info. Kind of like a baby book. Only your baby is rowing
stroke side row 7, or mastering kip cast handstands on the uneven bars.

love that the color is a decidedly gender neutral red, and for an extra
$4.95 you can have it personalized with your kiddo’s name. Because
championship trophy or not, I’m sure what your kid will treasure most as
she grows up is knowing that you supported her all the way. –Liz

Find the he Sports Years Memory Journal online from MomAgenda – and it’s also featured in our 2012 Back to School Shopping Guide where you’ll find a ton more parents’ lifesavers like this one.


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