Switcheroo posters - for boys!Moms of boys, rejoice! One of our favorite artists for fierce girl-power art is now tackling the sweet but manly side of our sons. 

We fell in love with Amanda Visell’s quartet of strong girl posters. Then we cheered for her second take on girls who aren’t afraid of a little mud.

Now we’re nodding along and dashing away tears to see her tender take on the sweet side of our boys.

Posters for boys!
In a world where boy decor is dominated by Thor, full contact sports, and a talking hot-rod that seems like a subconscious symbol of midlife crises to come, it’s such a pleasure to see thoughtful but still boyish images that encourage less hammer-smashing and more world-changing. With the same care and exuberance that encourages princesses to save themselves, these posters encourage our boys to use their powers for good and take pride in kindness and intelligence.
Superman fights bad guys, sure. But he saves kittens, too. Remember that, son.~Delilah