Itty bitty adorable Stormtrooper on an itty bitty adorable teeThis boutique line of hand-embroidered shirts brings together three of our favorite things: Star Wars, babies, and sock legs.

Also, Wookiees.

The new Morfs line from welovefine includes five Star Wars shirts for infants and toddlers that meld retro-esque fabrics with hand embroidery for a unique look. We know your kid is too young to decide between the Empire and the Rebels. But we also know that any kid would look adorable wearing a Chewie this fuzzy.

Wookiee toddler tee
Okay, so maybe you like some power. Maybe your baby snores. Maybe he finds your lack of binkies disturbing. There’s always Darth Vader. 
Darth Vader toddler tee
Or perhaps your daughter is wise beyond her years. And doesn’t have a lot of hair. And likes to ride in an Ergo on your back while smacking you in the head. We recommend Yoda.
We dig all of these shirts, with their adorably stripey sock arms. They’ll be available starting October 24 in infant and toddler sizes, and although the price is a little high (okay, a lot high), it looks like the hand embroidered details and quality will make them as much of a keepsake as an everyday shirt.

We would, however, like to know why they’re labeled BOYS, when we know our girls will go crazy for them? And how on earth could this line neglect the great Boba Fett? There’s a C-3PO, but… come on, guys. It’s all about the Fett.~Delilah

Find baby Star Wars shirts online at coming in October!