I am one of those moms who totally wants my house to look as good as it did pre-kids, but also recognizes that that is ridiculously impractical and it will never happen and no, it’s okay, I have my own Kleenex. So when I find furniture that both looks great and won’t get ruined easily, I’m all over it.

quinze + milan jelly fish ottoman

The Quinze + Milan Jelly Fish Ottomans
are bigger than they look – and that’s a good thing. Two of them in the
living room makes for great emergency seating around the coffee
table–two small kids can fit on one, or more likely, each will claim
her own. They’re a vaguely pliable plastic with entirely rounded corners
so the fear of 
head bonks and stitches is negligible. But they’re wildly sturdy and well-constructed. It really is a nice piece of furniture.

quinze + milan jelly fish ottoman

quinze + milan jelly fish ottoman

I was lucky to find them on a flash sale site a while back (they’re not cheap) and I couldn’t love them
more. They come in quite a few colors but the pop-y red ones we own are
so bright and fun, I’m always happy looking
at them, whether or not the kids have turned them into a fort, or a
tunnel to some imaginary land.

You could splurge and grab the matching Jelly Fish chair,
but you know, there’s something about the ottoman that works
all on its own for kids. Or even for adults. We have a few guests who make a
beeline for them every time. –Liz

Learn more about furniture from Quinze + Milan on their site, including their Jelly Fish Ottoman, or find it online at shops like All Modern

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