With school starting soon–or for some it’s already started–books are being bought and soon, books will be lost. There’s nothing like a “this book belongs to…” label to make sure that the rightful owner remains the rightful owner. Especially when that rightful owner is your own child.

Personalized bookplates for kids from tinyme

You can find the cutest (and I mean cutest) personalized book labels at TinyMe.com, the same website with those great Olympics printables we loved.  With more than 50 different styles and lots of colors to choose from for each style, the possibilities are endless. And fun.

                               Patterned personalized book labels

This vintage style, also seen in our back to school shopping guide this year, is colorful and stylish.  Perfect for kids of any age.

                                 Robot personalized bookplates

Robots are back big with the younger crowd.  I can’t get over how cute these are!

                                   Animal personalized book labels

My kids would freak out for these adorable animal characters.  The bright colors and graphic images are perfection.
                                 Personalized book labels
A precious option for your precious little girl. Maybe there’s a fairy hiding under that mushroom somewhere? – Kirsten

Shop all of these personalized book labels and more at Tinyme.com.