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My kids entered a phase around 4 when bug bite creams and sting-stoppers terrified them. I’m sure it had a little something to do with the one we “promised them” wouldn’t hurt but turned out to be made with alcohol. (It wasn’t totally our fault; we were traveling abroad and couldn’t read the ingredients.)

CMP favorite Mayron’s Goods has a terrific new product however, that takes all the hurt away.

This time, Melanie Mayron (along with her adorable chemist dad) has taken a break from directing to put out OUCH Stuff, aptly named because it’s the stuff you put on those cuts and bruises and sunburns and eczema and bug bits and pretty much anything that make you say OUCH.  

It’s made with certified organic calendula which has terrific natural healing properties, and other ingredients include shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and extracts from camomile, aloe and rosemary. Kind of nice when there’s nothing in the list you haven’t heard of–speaking of which, no paraben, sodium laurel sulphate, or any synthetic fragrance. It smells quite yummy in fact. 

As for how it works? My kids (with much trepidation) allowed me to put it on their boo-boos and exclaimed, “hey! It doesn’t sting!”

Welcome to my world of travel bag and medicine cabinet staples, OUCH Stuff. –Liz

Find OUCH Stuff calendula balm, and other terrific baby balms and products online at Mayron’s Goods. You have to love products that claim “Not tested on Animals. Tested on actors.”

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